This year Ecochella will be full of sustainable vendors selling food, drinks, and more! Two of the vendors are Juicebox and Farm Fresh To You.


Juicebox is a juice truck that runs on biodesel which is a plant-based fuel. Juicebox sources all of its ingredients from the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market so you know that every juice they make is full of locally grown, fresh produce.


"JUICEBOX is the first premium and sustainable juice truck serving the local communities of Los Angeles. In a world of over-processed and underwhelming beverage options, JUICEBOX provides a healthy, affordable, made-to-order alternative in your neighborhood. Juicing fresh, local, and organic produce on location results in nutritionally vibrant, living juice, loaded with live enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals and other vital nutrients. One 16oz juice from JUICEBOX contains almost 3 lbs of fresh fruits and vegetables."

Farm Fresh To You is a USDA and CCOF certified organic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Farm Fresh To You has farms all throughout California and they deliver produce right to your door. Farm Fresh To You allows CSA subscribers to customize their baskets. You can choose to have a basket delivered anywhere from weekly to monthly, and you can customize what produce you produce you receive. There are even value added items that you can add to your CSA baskets like apple sauce and nut butters. Farm Fresh To You will be offering discounts to students who sign up for their CSA program at Ecochella!