Looking to explore the LA bike scene but not sure where to start? Here's some fun community bike events to check out. 

1. CicLAvia: March 6, 2016 

What's CicLAvia?

Angelenos will be booting cars off the road for a day and retaking the streets by bike. CicLAvia works to develop vibrant public spaces, support active transportation, and promote good health. The hope is to positively transform communities and reignite human connection. Anyone who has participated in a CicLAvia ride can agree that car-free streets truly do transform a neighborhood! Be sure not to miss this opportunity to bike safely while absorbing the sights, sounds, and smells of a familiar city from a whole new perspective.

Don't be too bummed if you missed the CicLAvia ride down historic Wilshire Blvd last year! The next CicLAvia event is coming up fast and will be in San Fernando Valley on March 6th!

March 6 CicLAvia Ride: The Valley

The ride is four miles long with lots of action to check out along the way! There are three hubs of activity on the route: Panorama City Hub, Arleta Hub and Pacoima Hub. You can see where the hubs are located on this route map. You won't want to miss the highlights that make this San Fernando Valley CicLAvia special:  

Panorama Hub: contribute to a collective painting at the Mobile Mural Lab from 11am-3pm and keep your eyes peeled for the mobile Book Bike-- you get a free book if you have a library card!

Arleta Hub: watch students in action as they capture the spirit of the city through live art!

Pacoima Hub: take a break and get loose at Bradley Plaza's Block Party! You'll experience the spirit of Pacoima through music, hip-hop dance, folklorico and live art from youth and community leaders

Rest your legs and get creative with the community mural

Rest your legs and get creative with the community mural

Keep on the lookout for Angelenos showing off their wild homemade bike contraptions! 

2. LA Critical Mass: Friday, March 25

What's Critical Mass?

Feel the pedal power as you bike in a pack of almost 4,000 other riders! LA Critical Mass is the largest community bicycle ride, and it attracts bikers of all creeds. Critical Mass seeks to promote biking as everything from leisure activity to sport to practical means of transportation and their monthly rides offer a fun time for all. Meet some fellow bikers and make new friends as you take in LA by night. Not to mention, it's also a great way to explore a new part of the city. 

What to Expect

If nothing else, the people-watching should be pretty interesting. According to the ride description, you're bound to see all types of riders from the off-hour bike messengers to wannabe superheroes to avant-garde cycling fans with bikes tricked out in lights.

Bummed you can't make this ride? Don't sweat it! Critical Mass happens every month, so you can join the pack in April! 

3. Bicycle Coffee Community Events 

PSA: Stop by Bicycle Coffee on Friday for a free cup of Joe! Be sure to check out their First Friday food truck gatherings for some tasty post-ride eats, including free veggie tacos, music, booze, art and more (what's not to love)! And then be sure to return on Saturday morning to meet some fellow bikers for a community ride.