Get the down low on Ecochella's awesome food and drink vendors. From juice syringe shots to bike-churned ice cream, our vendors playfully push the envelope on innovation. Whether you're looking for a refreshing green juice or a gluten-free cupcake, our vendors have got you covered! 

1. Kreation Juice

The Kreation Vision: Peace Love & Juice

Kreation designs delicious and healthy drinks that will invigorate your body and mind. 

A tall, cool glass of bright green juice might not look entirely appealing to the uninitiated, but trust Kreation, it's delicious. It's also a nice pick-me-up for your body since the super nutritious juices will flood your body's cells with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that will leave you feeling cleansed, healed, and nourished! 

What Sets Kreation Apart

  • They're organic, raw, gluten free, never high pressure processed, and never pasteurized to offer your body maximal nourishment
  • Juice doesn't get much fresher than Kreation's— they use farmers market certified organic fruits and vegetables that are purchased daily in Santa Monica  
  • They're a Santa Monica Certified Green Business
  • Their adventurous flavors! The "Relax" juice is a concoction of carrot, coconut, lemon, and ginger (clearly not your average bottle of juice from the grocery store) 

Just For Fun

Juicekriptions will be available at Ecochella! They're syringe shots packed full of nourishing goodness that come in the forms of "Antidote," "Beauty," "Emer-jui-c" and "Immune+". 

Kreation is all about fully informing their customers about what goes into their juices. Take a look at their beautiful ingredients graphic to get a sense of the diversity of nutritious ingredients that Kreation works with. 


2. Peddler's Creamery

Pedal-powered ice cream is definitely something that the Ecochella family can get behind and we are so excited to announce that they will be back at Ecochella this year. (Bike nerds unite!) We love how they've blended two of our favorite things— bikes and ice cream— into a delicious and sustainable creation.  

Their Vision

From the start, Peddler's Creamery set out to be a different business that features local products, highlights where their ingredients come from, and supports causes that are important to the community. They strive to make their customers happy, satisfied, and smiling, all while reducing their carbon footprint on the earth. 

How It Works

In their shop in Downtown LA, they've set up their grand ice cream peddling operation. Check that out! 

Like what you see? Good news. There is a Peddler’s Club that you can join to bike for free ice cream. For each batch you churn, you get a free scoop or you can donate your scoop to charity. Just give them a call or stop by the shop in person to reserve your spot. 

Definitely swing by the Peddler's Creamery ice cream cart for a delicious scoop at the Ecochella Sustainability Fair. After all, what could be more fitting for an outdoor bike-powered concert than a side of bike-powered ice cream? 


3. Groundwork Coffee

Their Story

As Groundwork tells the story, they "rose from the sands of Venice Beach." The company grew from one small shop that sold coffee, tea, and rare used books to one of the first certified organic coffee roasters in California. In fact, they set new industry standards for their sustainable, relationship-based coffee sourcing as well as their solar-powered low-emissions roasting technology. 

Committed to Community

At nearly 25 years old with eight locations around LA, Groundwork is still committed to every single cup and customer. As they'll tell you, they have an ongoing "borderline-obsessive commitment" to their community throughout the coffee production process— from their farmers to their customers to their city. 

We're glad to have them at Ecochella, where they'll be serving cold brew, hot coffee and talking about their sustainability initiatives. 


4. Bolani East & West Gourmet Afghan Food

The Story

As Nazie, Rhated, and Billal Sidiq of Bolani Foods will tell you, Bolani came from one woman's dream. Nazie immigrated to New York over thirty-five years ago in hopes of a better life. After settling in California with her husband (Rhated) and son (Billal), the family struggled to make ends meet. About 10 years ago, they decided to start their own business based on authentic Afghan recipes. Their vegan flatbreads and sauces were soon all the rage at the farmers markets they visited and they now sell at over 200 farmers markets in California as well as Whole Foods and Costco. 

Their Vision

Since the start, Bolani has been committed to creating delicious and nutritious food, and now they're working on going all organic too. 

Be sure to try some samples with some of their tasty spreads! 

5. Breakaway Bakery

Their (Totally Sweet) Story

Breakaway Bakery has been the six-year adventure of Janice and her daughter Nava. When Janice eliminated gluten from her diet, Nava wanted her mom to still be able to enjoy delicious baked goods. The mother-daughter duo started experimenting in the kitchen together, working to develop sweet treats that worked with Janice’s dietary restrictions. They realized that they were actually pretty good at it, so in 2008 the family decided to go for it and open up their own bakery on Pico Blvd.

Their Mission

The founding idea of the company is: “Breakaway from things that are bad for you. Breakaway to a great taste adventure where the things you love to eat are also honestly delicious and healthy.”

If you have any kind of dietary restriction, this is the bakery for you. Breakaway Bakery proudly creates all kinds of yummy baked goods that are all:

  • organic
  • kosher
  • gluten free 
  • made only from whole grain brown rice (no flour)
  • made with 400% less starch than most gluten free products
  • organic fruit-infused
  • free of preservatives and trans fats
  • non-GMO

Cupcakes, bars, cookies, brownies, breads, donuts, babka, sticky buns— Breakaway Bakery has it all! Stop by their table at Ecochella to indulge your sweet tooth with a healthy treat.