q & a

Q: Where is the entrance?

A: Enter from the Upper Picnic Area off of De Neve Drive. The entrance is here. The gates open at 4:00pm.

Q: Where should I park and how much does parking cost?

A: We recommend parking in Lot 11. An interactive map of on-campus parking facilities may be found here. A printable version of on-campus parking may be found here. Parking is $12. Additional information may be found here. Of course, bicycle parking is free! You can view all bike rack locations here.

Q: Who can come to Coastalong and much does it cost?

A: Coastalong is a FREE event! All members of the UCLA community with a valid BruinCard can enter. If you are a non-UCLA community member, please sign up on our guest list. Please note that this event is for UCLA students and therefore Coastalong reserves the right to limit attendance of non-UCLA community members.

Q: Is there a capacity limit?

A: Yes. After the first 1800 people have entered, we will create a standby line. As people leave the event, we will allow entrance to those in the standby line.

Q: What is the entrance process?

A: There are two check in tables at the entrance. One is for general attendees. The other is an express lane for volunteers and scheduled bike teams.

Q: May I leave and then re-enter the event?

A: Yes. Attendees will receive a wristband when they enter. Wristbands will be collected at the exits and attendees may have to wait in a standby line to enter again at a later time.

Q: Will there be a security bag check?

A: Yes, there will be a security bag check. Alcohol, drugs and weapons are prohibited and individuals in possession of these materials will be denied entrance to the event.

Q: Do I need to bring my own bike?

A: No, but if you have a bike to lend for the day of the festival let us know here! Bikes provided by Rock the Bike and the UCLA Bike Shop will be hooked up to generators to power the concert.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: No. Dogs are not allowed, unless they are service animals with proper identification.

Q: Can I bring picnic blankets and materials?

A: You can bring food and picnic blankets, but chairs are not allowed. There will be festival-style seating on the grass and picnic tables along the sides of the field.

Q: Can I bring food and snacks?

A: You can bring snacks, but don’t miss out on the excellent food that will be sold by our vendors. The vendors accept cash and credit cards. Please take care to dispose of your waste in the proper waste receptacles. We encourage you to bring an EMPTY, reusable water bottle that you can fill inside the venue. 

Q: Are there accommodations for handicapped individuals?

A: Yes. The handicapped entrance is here by parking structure RC (map here). There will also be a handicapped seating area on the field.


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